Contract cold store services

Storage: at -18 °C or +4 °C

Price quote:

Service Unit Contractor’s fee (HUF)
Storage service (on pallets) HUF/pallet 1000 HUF
Extra storage service (on pallets) HUF/pallet 1250 HUF
Storage (EUR pallets) HUF/pallet/day 270 HUF
Storage (UK pallets) HUF/pallet/day 360 HUF
Unloading (on pallets) HUF/pallet 1000 HUF
Extra unloading (on pallets) HUF/pallet 1250 HUF
Extra working hours HUF/person/hour 7.500 HUF

Conditions of the quote:
  • Goods: normal commercial goods packed in accordance with the requirements of storage
  • The fees do not include VAT.
  • The fees shall remain in effect until 31 December 2018
  • Payment condition: within 8 calendar days after issuing the invoice, or concurrently with the unloading of the last 10 pallets in cash.